On June 14, 2021 Philips, makers of CPAP, BiPAP and mechanical ventilators for home use, issued a recall of certain machines because the sound abatement material could deteriorate and cause potential health risks to the users.  Simply put, the sound insulation could breakdown and release particles or carcinogenic gases into the system which the user could breath in.  Here is the link to read the actual recall notice and get information on how to get your machine fixed.  If your health has been affected by the defect in the machine you should consult your treating doctor as soon as possible.

Before you do anything with the machine please take a picture of the serial number label on the bottom of the machine.  Both to know the serial number and as proof that you owned one of the recalled machines.

As soon as the legal community has created a plan of action, our firm will be accepting clients who used the recalled machines.  At this time, please fill out our new case form on this website and email a picture of the label to  Please include a description of how, if at all, your health has worsened since using the recalled machine.



ZOFRAN is a prescription drug sold by GlaxoSmithKline for control of vomiting and nausea.  It is intended to be used by people who have had chemotherapy and radiation that makes them sick.  When a drug has a specific purpose, it is listed in the company’s information sheet under “INDICATIONS”.  Zofran is “indicated” for nausea in cancer patients.

GlaxoSmithKline has also been promoting Zofran to doctors for pregnant women who are experiencing morning sickness.  Morning sickness is NOT listed in the “indications” part of GlanxoSmithKline’s information sheet, so its use for pregnant women is called “OFF LABEL”.  GlaxoSmithKline’s sales people actively promote this “OFF LABEL” use to doctors.

There are studies which show that pregnant women who take Zofran are twice as likely to have children with birth defects such as cleft palates and heart defects.  If you took Zoran during pregnancy and your child was born with a birth defect, call us, fill in our response form or click on the chat window to speak to an operator now; we may be able to help.

Lawyers With An Edge Wrongful Death Verdict 3.6 Million

Wrongful Death Lawyers With An Edge Verdict $3.6 Million

Founding partner, Richard A. Gurfein, tried a medical malpractice case to verdict in Nassau County, NY. The jury awarded the family of a 60-year-old auto mechanic $3.6 million dollars for his wrongful death. 

On July 23, 2010, Nelson Zuluaga drove himself to Winthrop Hospital because he had chest pain, shortness of breath, and palpitations.  These were the same symptoms he had four months earlier, in March, also bringing him to Winthrop’s emergency room.  At that time, a cardiologist assigned to him diagnosed Atrial Fibrillation and performed a cardioversion (synchronized shock to the heart), and restored his normal heartbeat.

Mr. Zuluaga was admitted to Winthrop Hospital from the emergency room and placed on a telemetry floor until Monday, when the cardiologist planned to do another cardioversion.  However, around Midnight the first night, he had an episode of five beats of ventricular tachycardia, renewed chest pain at a lower heart rate, and a prolonged QT interval on his EKG.

 These three new symptoms should have caused him to be moved to the CCU or coronary care unit, where his condition would be more intensive monitoring.  He was not transferred to a more suitable unit.  The following night, Saturday night at 2:40 AM Sunday, he again experienced five beats of ventricular tachycardia, and the nurse notified the resident on call.  This time no one came to the floor to examine Mr. Zuluaga, no vital signs were recorded in the chart, no orders were given, and he was not transferred to the CCU.  At 5:50 AM, he suffered a cardiac arrest, and a team was called to the telemetry floor.  Resuscitation lasted one hour and twenty minutes.  He was shocked on four separate occasions.  He survived but suffered brain damage from lack of oxygen due to the extra time it took to start resuscitation.  Had he been in the CCU, resuscitation would have begun much sooner, and brain damage would have been avoided.

The Need To Sue A Hospital for Negligence Leading to Wrongful Death In Nassau County, New York

Mr. Zuluaga spent the next five and a half months at Winthrop Hospital with many medical problems caused by brain damage and inactivity.  He was then transferred to A. Holly Patterson Nursing Home, with a few short weeks of their therapies, he could speak and make purposeful movements of his arms and legs.  Unfortunately, while he was immobile at Winthrop, a feeding tube had to be inserted through the stomach wall because he could not control his muscles sufficiently to chew or swallow.  That tube became clogged on April 14, 2011, and he was taken to Nassau University Medical Center for evaluation and surgery.  Before that could be done, he suffered a respiratory arrest and cardiac arrest and could not be resuscitated and passed away on April 15, 2011, nine months after the arrest at Winthrop.

The jury made awards for wrongful death, medical expenses, loss of wages, loss of pension benefits, conscious pain and suffering, and loss of consortium totaling $3,600,069.00 against Winthrop Hospital for the failure of the resident on call to respond to the nurse’s notice of 5 beats of ventricular tachycardia.

Mr. Zuluaga is survived by his wife, Isabel, his children, Nelson B. and Nelisa, and one grandchild. 

If You Need To Sue A Hospital For Wrongful Death Lawsuit from Heart To Brain Injury

Richard Gurfein & Preston Douglas are Lawyers with an Edge

At Gurfein Douglas LLP, you can rely on our scientific and engineering knowledge and years of experience to uncover the story that the untrained eye might miss. In this wrongful death case suing the hospital for wrongful death took an understanding of multiple types of negligence and failure to meet a standard of care. If you or a loved one is severely injured or has died, are your: Richard Gurfein and Preston Douglas Lawyers With An Edge.


Erb’s Palsy Lawyer in IN NEW YORK CITY

Negotiated a $1,200,000 settlement on behalf of a 4-year child with Erb’s Palsy. Erb’s palsy’s main symptom is arm weakness and loss of motion. It can occur in both infants and adults. Physical injury during newborn delivery or by traumatic force downward on the upper arm and shoulder, damaging the brachial plexus main nerves located in the neck and upper shoulder.

This was the second delivery for this 36 year old mother who gained 34 lbs. during her pregnancy. She went into labor about one week past her due date and was in labor in the hospital approximately 10 hours. She delivered a 9 lb 9oz baby after a shoulder dystocia (shoulder stuck behind pubic bone).

The delivery was videotaped by the Mom’s sister. The videotape showed the doctor using all her weight to push the baby’s head down to try to relieve the stuck shoulder. This was the absolutely wrong way to deliver this child. The doctor failed to use the established maneuvers for freeing a stuck shoulder. That caused permanent damage to the nerves exiting the spine in the neck leaving this child with a useless arm (Erb’s Palsy).

The settlement was structured to provide future income for the child and money for expenses for therapy.

Gurfein Douglas Are Birth Injury Lawyers in NYC

When you must fight for your rights and sue a doctor or hospital for a birth injury, Gurfein Douglas LLP “Lawyers With and Edge” are trial lawyers who handle major personal injury cases. Our education and experience give us an edge when handling complex medical malpractice cases. Richard Gurfein and Preston Douglas formed the firm to help those in need of justice when injured. 

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