$3,990,000 negotiate settlement New York Birth Injury Lawyers

$3,990,000 settlement for a 3-year-old boy because the doctors and nurses gave too much IV fluid and caused the child to have seizures and hemorrhages in the brain.

This child had expected a normal delivery and standard APGAR scores when he was born. The Apgar score is a scale from 1 to 10. The higher the score, the baby is assessed as doing better after birth. A score of 7, 8, or 9 is typical and is a sign that the newborn is in good health. A few hours later, the nurses detected he had low blood sugar. To correct this condition, the doctors put him on Intravenous fluids with dextrose (sugar). Unfortunately, because his sugar level never stabilized, the residents kept increasing the flow rate of the IV to get more dextrose into him. They should have just increased the concentration of dextrose in the IV rather than giving it faster. This newborn could not handle so much fluid in his system and couldn’t urinate enough to keep up with what they were putting in through the IV. As a result, his blood became diluted with too much fluid, and the sodium (salt) in his blood got diluted to a dangerously low level.

Warning signs that he was “waterlogged” and in a very dangerous position weren’t recognized, and this three-day-old child, without enough salt in his body to protect his organs, went into seizures and suffered bleeding in the brain, causing permanent brain damage.

The $3.8 million settlement was structured to provide funds to care for him as a child and provide him with a lifetime income as an adult. Birth Injuries can be complex, and it is hard to tell if you have a case and get the representation you deserve. 

Meet the Lawyers with an Edge

At Gurfein Douglas LLP, you can rely on our scientific and engineering knowledge and years of experience to uncover the story that the untrained eye might miss. Developing the theory of the case and understanding the medical details and standard of care resulted in this case record and just outcome for Birth Injury caused by the negligence of the resident doctors..In the video, learn more about why Richard Gurfein and Preston Douglas are the Lawyers With An Edge. If you feel the negligence of a doctor or hospital has severely injured you or your loved one,d contact us.


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It does not matter who you are. We want you to have the best representation if you are seriously injured. We work on a Contingency Arrangement, which means we take care of all the expenses of bringing the case to trial. We receive a percentage of the recovery only when the case reaches a successful verdict or settlement.

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