A Bronx Grandmother Awarded $110.6 Million in a Medical Malpractice

A Bronx Grandmother Awarded $110.6 Million in a Medical Malpractice


Keimoneia Redish is pictured inside her Bronx apartment on Saturday. (Gregg Vigliotti/for New York Daily News)

In an article reported by the New York Daily News By Cathy Burke Apr 13, 2019

“The Grandmother sued St. Barnabas Hospital and the team of doctors who treated her during her 2010 asthma attack that triggered a massive brain injury. In a jury verdict in Bronx Supreme Court Keimoneia Redish, 48, decided in favor of the mother of five sons and one grandchild. Richard Gurfein of Gurfein Douglas argued doctors failed to consider transferring her to nearby facilities with ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) able to remove the build-up of carbon dioxide in her brain and could prevent injury to her brain and swelling caused by the buildup of carbon dioxide.”

After her stays of over 300 days in the hospital or nursing home, she now uses a wheelchair with profound motor disabilities and slurred speech. She has to be cared for full-time by her partner and former chef. “She was an amazing mom, the vice president of the PTA,” Gurfein said. “She was the center of the family.” She deserves this 110.6 million award to help her maintain her care and compensate her for some of the tremendous sufferings she has endured.” Read the full story with additional pictures in the New York Daily News.

This Traumatic Brain Injury TBI suffered by this grandmother pillar of a family’s subsequent record-setting jury award took both the education and experience of the Gurfein Douglas legal team, which can put together a theory of the case and a winning presentation of this case in the courtroom. So, when you have suffered a severe injury and experienced neglect from your medical team or medical facility, reach out to us. We can offer a free consultation on seeking justice. We take cases on contingency, and there is no fee until and unless there is a settlement or favorable verdict and award. 

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