Lawyers with an Edge Negotiate $1,000,000 Limousine Accident Settlement

The plaintiff and his wife and children had come to New York for the day from Boston. Because his wife worked for an airline, it was very inexpensive for them to fly to New York to do their Christmas shopping. On the way back to LaGuardia Airport, the limo driver got lost and wound up at the back of the Marine Air Terminal. After stopping for instructions, he made a U-turn in front of an airline pilot driving to the employee parking lot. The pilot’s car impacted the rear driver’s side door directly into the husband.

He sustained serious and permanent back injuries as a result of the crash and could no longer work as a plasterer. The jury found the limo driver 75% at fault and the pilot 25% at fault In order to secure a fair settlement, thorough preparation for trial is imperative. Gurfein Douglas is well-equipped to provide the necessary assistance in achieving this objective and ensuring a positive outcome. The case was settled for $1,000,000 before the trial on damages.

At Gurfein Douglas LLP, you can rely on our scientific and engineering knowledge and years of experience to uncover the story that the untrained eye might miss. Developing the theory of the case and understanding the medical details and standard of care resulted in this case record and just outcome. In the video, learn more about why Richard Gurfein and Preston Douglas are the Lawyers With An Edge. If you feel the negligence of a doctor or hospital has severely injured you. 


Our Terms & Fees

It does not matter who you are. We want you to have the best representation if you are seriously injured. We work on a Contingency Arrangement, which means we take care of all the expenses of bringing the case to trial. We receive a percentage of the recovery only when the case reaches a successful verdict or settlement.

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