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Defective Devices

Defective Medical Devices 

Product liability means a manufacturer of a consumer product failed to design or manufacture the product to avoid causing harm to the users. Defective medical devices are a type of product liability case which we have assembled a specialized team of lawyers and medical medical practitioners. 

While there are many federal regulations that govern the design and manufacture of many machines, those regulations only provide safety standards and don’t relieve the manufacturer of its responsibility to make a reasonably safe product.

Our firm’s expert product liability lawyers have successfully represented patients in many product liability cases, medical malpractice and mass tort cases. So if you, and are in pursuit of compensation for the injuries due to the negligent and sometimes fraudulent actions of defendant manufacturers and/or distributors or have have sustained injury medical devices such as hip replacements, pacemakers, and transvaginal mesh you will want your case reviewed by lawyers with and edge.

Product Liability Lawyers Settlements and Verdicts

$2,000,000 settlement structured for a 6 month old who sustained a brain injury in an automobile accident because the car didn’t stand up to the accident properly. Automobiles are supposed to be designed to not only protect the occupants from injury from the crash, but also protecting them from the second impact (the impact with the interior of the vehicle).

$2,750,000 settlement for a 15 year old girl diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease who lost her ovaries as a result of the negligence of the team administering radiation therapy.

With degrees in engineering and biology hanging on walls right alongside their law diplomas, Gurfein Douglas are your Lawyers With An Edge when fighting.

With degrees in engineering and biology hanging on walls right alongside their law diplomas, Gurfein Douglas are your Lawyers With An Edge when fighting. Attorneys at Gurfein Douglas offer their clients extensive knowledge, passion and commitment to each case. Richard Gurfein holds a degree in engineering and Preston Douglas holds a degree in biochemistry. They both lecture locally and nationally to bar groups on topics ranging from medical malpractice to courtroom evidence and law office technology. During his tenure as president of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association (NYSTLA), Gurfein was instrumental in changing jury selection laws to end bias against the injured victim. Douglas has contributed multiple articles to various law publications and is currently the editor in chief of the NYSTLA’s New York Litigation Review.

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