Belviq, Belviq XR Lawsuit (Lorcaserin generic)

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requests that manufacturers voluntarily withdraw on February, 13th 2020. They are prescription weight-loss drugs. A release of a study on the drugs found a correlation between taking Belviq increased rates of cancer.

A user if you have cancer a Belviq, Belviq XR lawsuit can be undertaken to award damages for you, whether by jury verdict or settlement :

  1. Past and future medical expenses may be awarded related to cancer from taking Belviq, Belviq XR.
  2. If you have cancer believe it was caused by taking Belviq, Belviq XR, you may be able to recover the costs of treatment and recovery process Past and future pain and suffering (physical and mental).
  3. Have lost wages in the past or future due to cancer from taking Belviq, Belviq XR.
  4. Loss of earning capacity due to cancer past and future wages.
  5. Past and future loss of enjoyment of life.
  6. Punitive damages, if appropriate.
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