Workplace Accidents

Your employer is responsible for taking all reasonable measures to secure your safety on the job. Hundreds of employees are injured at work in New York each day and thousands of work accidents result in serious injuries and death. Employees who are injured at work maybe entitled to compensation for their injuries. If a death occurs, family members may be eligible for compensation. Depending upon the specfic conditions present in the workplace when the injury is sustained, injured employees may have the right to sue, by filing a personal injury lawsuit. Employees who have suffered a work injury should seek the advice of a law firm that is recognized for its experience and expertise in injury cases. It is important that the firm have and edge which are the staffing and knowledge required to identify and litigate all of the available claims to help ensure that the worker receives the optimum compensation and benefits to which he or she has a right too.

Not all injuries are physical. If you have suffered physically, emotionally or financially, you may be entitled to financial compensation for these losses. In fatal cases, families may also be entitled to compensation.

Some of the more frequent causes of work related injuries include:

  • Construction accidents

  • Broken or defective products or machinery

  • Improper training or procedures

  • Slip and Fall/ Trip and Fall

  • Stairway Falls

  • Falls from ladders

  • Falling objects

  • Improper or missing safety devices

  • OSHA violations

  • Getting hurt using office equipment or machinery

  • Improper scaffolding

  • Vehicle Accidents

  • Hazardous Premises