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Do You Have A Thigh Fracture From Taking Fosamax or Boniva?

Lawyers with an Edge, a national law firm, is part of a group of lawyers suing in a multidistrict litigation lawsuit (MDLs) for people who are injured by drugs such as Fosamax or Boniva.

Fosamax manufactured by Merck & Co. and Boniva manufactured by Roche and other anti-osteoporosis drugs are in a class of drugs known as Bisphosphonates.  These drugs alter the way the body renews bones. It’s prescribed for the bone loss caused by osteoporosis. It’s generally prescribed to post-menopausal women. Since they were first approved by the Food and Drug Administration, they have been prescribed to millions of people.

Unfortunately, these drugs have been linked to a number of negative side effects. Although they're designed to strengthen bone, there are indications that, with long term use (more than 4-5 years) they actually weaken bone tissue in some cases.

Studies suggest that Bisphosphonates are associated with fractures of the femur (thigh bone). Some patients have fractured their femur without any trauma. Some patients have fractured their femur with only slight trauma.  If you or someone you know has been on Fosamax or Boniva or any other anti-osteoporosis drug and has suffered a fractured femur, they should contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

The American Society of Bone and Mineral Research has written about Fosamax, Boniva and other anti-osteoporosis drugs, “There is a definitive relationship between these class of drugs [bisphosphonates] and these [femur] fractures, and it’s even stronger in those taking those drugs for a long time.”

Lawyers with an Edge is a leading national law firm in the field of drug product lawsuits such as Fosamax and Boniva lawsuits. Our firm has over 40 years of experience advocating for people whose health has been damaged. If you’ve been hurt by Fosomax, Boniva or any other anti-osteoporosis drug, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your medical bills and your pain and suffering.

We can offer you a free consultation here in New York City or on the phone to discuss including you or your loved one in the MDL lawsuit. It involves no obligation whatsoever. If we do handle your case, there’s never a fee unless we recover damages for you.