$2,750,000 settlement for a 15 year old girl diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease who lost her ovaries as a result of the negligence of the team administering radiation therapy.

This 15 year old had to undergo radiation therapy to her abdomen. The doctors knew that her ovaries would be damaged if nothing was done to protect them. So a surgeon performed laparoscopic surgery on her belly to move both her ovaries to the center of her body. The plan was to build a “block” to the x-rays that she would receive to prevent them from entering the center of her belly. That was the plan. Unfortunately the technician forgot to put the block in, and the doctor didn’t notice it was missing until most of the radiation treatment had been administered. The result was the radiation killed her ovaries, and she became not only sterile and never able to have children, but she entered menopause at age 15.