Mirena IUD

been harmed by mirena

If your health has been damaged by the Mirena IUD, you should contact lawyers with an Edge to discuss a class action lawsuit.

The US Food and Drug Administration approved the Mirena intra-uterine device a contraceptive in 2000. The Mirena was approved to alleviate menstrual bleeding in 2009. As a contraceptive device, it’s intended to be effective for five years. Over two million American women have received the device.

Unfortunately, the Mirena IUD can cause irregular bleeding, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cysts, and amenorrhea. If the body rejects it, it can become dislodged and embedded in the uterine wall, and it can perforate the wall. It can also damage other organs, such as the intestines. In fact, over 10% of the women in the Mirena IUD clinical trial developed heavy bleeding or ovarian cysts.

The Mirena IUD increases the risk of pregnancy loss and it can affect fertility. Some women have been so damaged by the device that they’ve required surgery. A class action lawsuit is the vehicle designed to help these women recover the compensation they deserve.

Symptoms of a problem with the IUD include pain in the pelvis or breasts, painful menstruation, headaches and vaginitis. These symptoms may occur quite some time after insertion. However, uterine perforation can occur without significant symptoms.

This IUD is produced by Bayer. Bayer marketed the product aggressively through private house parties. In a 2009 letter to Bayer, the FDA issued wrote that its promotion “overstates the efficacy of Mirena, presents unsubstantiated claims, minimizes the risks of using Mirena, and includes false or misleading presentations regarding Mirena.”

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